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topaz stone meaning

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Blue Topaz is a stone of peacefulness, calming to the emotions, and ideal for meditation and connecting with spiritual beings. Red Topaz has the meaning and properties to enhance love luck. [Kunz, 358], The Divinatory meaning of Clear Topaz: It is time to see the real truth. They are ideal for post-operative convalescence, improving blood circulation, and relieving issues with cold feet. Wearing Topaz, or positioning it in your home, can help you and your loved ones to prevent falling unwell. [Megemont, 180-181][Lembo, 342-343][Gienger, 86][Eason, 240], Topaz has been referred to as the “gourmets’ stone,” known for its ability to liven sensitivity to taste and stimulate the taste buds. The rare pink gemstones discovered there were named to honor the Russian czar, and ownership of these stones was restricted to the royal family. She represents celebration and the Earth alive with new growth. [Melody En, 801][Hall, 293][101 Hall, 206][Gienger, 85-86][Megemont, 180], Topaz has been recognized as far back as the 10th century for its assistance in healing eye diseases and dimness of vision, alleviate mental illness, and to restore the sensory loss of taste. Liked it? [Melody En, 799, 801][Hall, 293][Ahsian, 404], Dreaming of Topaz indicates no harm shall befall. (We recommend the indirect method of preparation.) It’s an excellent crystal of truth, and it will allow you to see the truth in others and keep the truth alive in yourself. The meaning of topaz can be expressed both in the origin of its name and in its energy— it is a gemstone that carried the energy of fire. Red and scarlet gemstones should be used sparingly, to bring the sun's power and the fire element's energy to your space. [Megemont, 181], Place Golden or Imperial Topaz (crystals of the sun), and Blue Topaz (signifying the moon) together in a small pouch or one in each hand to balance logic and intuition, power and gentleness, and the creative side of your mind with the analytical. Topaz is an excellent Strengthener and a perfect talisman to keep us on course. This sign is represented by The Archer, a centaur shooting arrows. Topaz is a symbol of luxury and opulence. Due to its deep purple … The Meaning and History of Topaz Topaz is the birthstone for the month of December, and the stone given in celebration of the 4th and 19th anniversaries of marriage. [Lecouteux, pp.] Topaz will embrace the nobility of spirit, and it will strengthen your personal will to manifest your desires. It will remove your tension and promote good feelings of love and happiness. At Energy Muse, our gemstones and crystals have healing properties that help to balance the body, mind, and spirit. Its emotional healing properties will help you discover your true purpose and your true destiny. Topaz is a superb crystal for meditation, bringing the mind, body and spirit into union with the forces of the universe. By getting rid of the unwanted energies, it will direct your life energy to where it’s most needed. The power of it is as same as Topaz. Some believe the word “topaz” comes from the Sanskrit word tapas, which means “fire.” Others trace it back to the Greek topazos. Topaz is an excellent crystal for boosting faith and invigorating one’s spiritual development. It was one of the twelve gems in the high priest's breastplate, Exodus 28:17; 39:10, and was a highly prized product of Cush, or Southern Arabia, Job 28:19; Ezekiel 28:13. The name Topaz is derived from the Greek word topazion, which may have originated from the Sanskrit term tapas, meaning fire. The blue gemstone offers an appealing color and a reliable hardness, which makes it particularly suitable for the production of appealing jewelry. [], Topaz was used as a talismanic gem in antiquity, and was often carved with the figure of a falcon to help acquire the goodwill of kings, princes, and magnates. [Margherita,pp.] Katrina Raphaell, Crystal Enlightenment (Santa Fe, NM: Aurora Press, 1985). It will bring you intense clarity on your intentions, and it will strengthen your focus so that you can manifest your desires to reality. Topaz forms in various tones and saturations of yellow, gold, orange, red, blue, green, purple and brown, as well as colorless. The energies of this crystal will help you remain faithful and optimistic. Fire energy is the energy of enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, illumination and activity. Touch a Blue Topaz when you need people to reveal secrets or correct misinformation. [Melody En, 801][Margherita, 541], Brown Topaz - engenders strength and stability, confidence and commitment, increasing faithfulness in love and the ability to build lasting friendships. [Eason, 128], “Rutilated” Topaz - enkindles beauty and light, creation and inspiration. While it may be difficult to acquire naturally occurring Blue Topaz stones or crystals, natural specimens are best suited for metaphysical work. It is a marvelous talisman for artists, musicians, authors, inventors, or anyone expressing their creative side. Topaz, according to the Bible, is the second stone God used to decorate Lucifer (Ezekiel 28:13). It is a traditional stone for writers, scholars, artists and intellectuals, since it is used to encourage higher thinking. It will replace fear, doubt, and negativity with all the things that are crucial for the self, like worth, reliance, independence, esteem, and confidence. [Raphaell, pp.] Topaz crystals that are honey yellow, yellow orange brown, blue, pink, or clear are highly valued. Topaz is a stone of nobility, love, passion, and purpose. List, Regular Price: Topaz is said to be a great protection crystal against problems and difficulties. Use orange and golden crystals as an accent and as an accessory in rooms where high energy is needed. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. They are helpful talismans to relieve the everyday concerns of our physical, mental and spiritual problems. A small Blue Topaz on a chain or in a pouch also helps sensitive children and teenagers cope with teasing while maintaining good humor. There are several ways to find an appropriate birthstone. [Hall, pp.] Please consider supporting my work on Patreon! It also diminishes lust and envy, and bestows power over wild animals. This crystal will call you into the present and help you feel calm, stable, and balanced. Dispeller crystal lattices act like a radiator with sharp points from which energy can flow easily outward, carrying with it the undesirable elements in our life. Connecting to this mystic topaz meaning means that you are able to alleviate stress and anxiety, and the fear of the unknown. If you have concerns about your physical or mental health then you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional. Topaz Gemstone Properties and Meanings. Topaz will also bring you success in all your endeavors! Finally many people use the traditional stones of the Zodiac. It is highly transparent with a vitreous luster and a hardness of 8, and has no industrial uses except as a gemstone. Worn on the fingers, it was considered a stone of protection against poison, untimely or accidental death because it was said the Topaz would lose its color in the presence of danger. [Melody En, 801][Hall, 294-295][101 Hall, 206][Eason, 104][Megemont, 181][Lembo, 343], [Megemont, 181][Ahsian, 405][Eason, 240][Lembo, 341], [Melody En, 799][Hall, 292-293][Hall 101, 206][Gienger, 85-86], [Melody En, 799][Lembo, 340-345][Hall, 292-293][Gienger, 86], [Melody En, 799, 801][Hall, 293][Ahsian, 404], [][Mella, 109][Simmons, 403][Fernie, 165][101 Hall, 206][Eason, 104, 140[], [Fernie, 163][Mella, 109][][Simmons, 403][101 Hall, 206], The Crystal Vaults Comprehensive Illustrated Guide to Crystals, The Occult and Curative Powers of Precious Stones, The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, & Stones, The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals, "Universal Energy" Imperial Topaz and Pink Tourmaline Pendant. If you look further into the overall white topaz meaning, you’ll find that this crystal is one of providing truth and clarity to areas of confusion in your life – be those spiritual, emotional or physical. Dorothee L. Mella, Stone Power II (Albuquerque, NM: Brotherhood of Life, Inc., 1986). Learn more. Used respectfully, it is an excellent crystal for conscious attunement to the highest forces in the universe, and may be used to store information, energy, thoughts and love received in this manner. Mystic Topaz is a gemstone with rainbow shine. And you will do this with love as your reason. It may also have come from the Egyptian island of Topazos in the Red Sea. it will promote confidence and commitment in your relationship. Michael Gienger, Healing Crystals (Scotland: Earthdancer Books, 2009). [Eason, 240], Blue Topaz is a stone of creative inspiration and mental clarity. The rainbow effect seen in “Mystic Topaz” is created by coating colorless topaz with a thin artificial film. Topaz promotes openness and … It is also called as "Topaz with makeup." White topaz symbolizes hope, love and happiness. By connecting to the energies of this stone, you can overcome any issues that arise, and find that everything falls into place tidily – and that your intuition to overcome these issues are strong. [Melody En, 801], Topaz is an incredible tool for healing and stabilizing the emotional body. Deriving from the Greek word topazion, topaz translates to fire. You will have a good grasp of high-level concepts, and you will be fully aware of your personal power. This stone can help you find clarity in your intentions, to be better prepared to turn your intentions into reality and have the faith and will power to do so. It’s a powerful talisman for decision-making, relaying information that you will need, and helping you discover flaws in your plans with logic and objectivity. When you work with the emotional healing properties of Topaz, you will achieve strong focus as well as mental clarity. [Melody En, 801], Topaz is a marvelous crystal for conversing with the angels and receiving their wisdom. Blue Topaz does occur in nature, but is rare and almost always lightly colored. It will also help you see and integrate the wisdom of what has happened to you in the past so that you can use it in the present and for the future. All rights reserved. Topaz is also considered to have lunar connections, its color and power waxing and waning in union with the moon’s cycle. It cuts through uncertainty and doubt, and instigates a sound trust in the universe. Your relationship will undergo many changes and stages. Because of its association with love and calming, blue topaz is perfect for giving gifts of jewelry including rings, earrings, and pendants. Brown Topaz stimulates the Root Chakra and increases strength, motivation and security. Topaz heals, soothes, and energizes. (Revelation 21:20) The topaz of the ancient Greeks and Romans is generally allowed to be our chrysolite, while their chrysolite is our topaz. It will also highlight the importance of fidelity. To determine the chakra associated with the color of your Topaz, see the individual Topaz color descriptions listed earlier in this article or the Chakra Crystal Healing section of this site. In many regions of the world and throughout history, precious and semi-precious gemstones were believed to hold mystical powers, imbuing strength and health on its owners. This crystal will help you find genuine love, not the romanticized version of love. In the modern version, Blue topaz is the birthstone of December. has been designed to be the definitive resource for all things related to crystals. Its energy, harnessed from the sun, transcends both time and space, and is one of the most loving, beneficial crystals one can gift to the Self. [Hall 2, pp. It is highly effective for honing psychic and intuitive gifts, especially clairvoyance and clairsentience, and is a remarkable stone of truth, permitting one to perceive the truth in others and to maintain adherence to the truth in oneself. Claude Lecouteux, A Lapidary of Sacred Stones (Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions, U.S. edition, 2012). The energies of Golden Topaz move more slowly and are more grounded than Clear Topaz making it ideal for enhancing relaxation and stimulating feelings of peace. … Imperial Topaz is the most expensive and most sought-after. Topaz and Emotional Healing . Blue Topaz has always been seen as a symbol of love and adoration. All information contained on this web site, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only. This crystal also symbolizes hope. [Simmons, pp.] It releases tension, inducing relaxation. Please check back at 3pm EST to see our brand new look! It is said to ease mental … It will help you understand complex ideas and concepts. Topaz comes in many colors due to impurities.

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