About Us

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About Us

While working with innovative composite materials, we are always inspired to make products more contemporary, effective and functional.

That is why, we at PORT-MAN, came to design a line of Portable Washrooms and Trailers that enhance the end user’s experience! We listened to people’s view on current models of portable toilets and the general consensus about what is available is pretty negative – remarks such as being small, cramped and dark; feelings of uncleanliness, bad odours and visually unappealing.

The poor stereotype of the Portable Toilet is out there, so we took steps to revolutionize them!

Our Portable Washrooms are accessible, sturdy, well illuminated and ventilated. And not forgetting comfort by including hand washing, using quality materials that are easy to clean so they are hygienic and the toilets have hidden waste.

From improving the designs and materials in regards to the visual appeal, we use modern features, subtle colours and they are simply bigger and brighter.

By adding PORT-MAN Portable Washrooms to your line of toilets, you will satisfy your clients year after year, making our toilets an investment of a lifetime